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  • Our content is fun! Our readers eagerly await each issue. In addition to comics and fun stories, we run special profiles on amazing artists, writers, musicians and performers with dazzling images and beautiful design.
  • All of our ads feature either full page or double page spreads, so you have the full attention of the reader.
  • Casey and Kyle is rapidly growing our distribution area continuously.
  • We are proud of our design. Each issue is a visual treat.
  • You're joining a team. We take our mission seriously and we value our readers. By sponsoring an advertisement, you are helping us get families excited about literacy and the arts: areas that will have a lifetime impact on them. By sponsoring an advertisment in our magazine, you are doing more than placing an ad; you are investing in the future of families and young readers.
  • We take care of our team. We think about what will work best for you we make our relationship with you a personal priority.

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