Will Robertson had the vision for Casey and Kyle in 2007 while sitting at his kitchen table, watching his children play. In February 2008, he launched Casey and Kyle as a family-friendly comic strip centered around the crazy antics of his creations. In 2009, he published the first Casey and Kyle book collection, followed by a whole series that have been delighting his fans ever since. In 2018, he launched Casey and Kyle, Inc. as a company devoted to creating family-friendly content in a variety of mediums and to propel the world of Casey and Kyle into the future.

Will Robertson enjoys playing music and working on his serve in Tennis. His favorite beverage is an Iced Tea with no lemon. He loves Tacos and Panini Sandwiches and is fond of road trips. He is an avid mini golfer and an aggressive bumper car driver. he lives with his wife and kids in Oregon's Willamette Valley. His house is yellow.